Wanna give an interview!

If you’ve ever thought that great to give an interview, now it’s very easy to do, you do not have to wait for a journalist to find you, just apply for us! The interview exists to increase interest in your person and increase the army of fans.

Why do I need it?

You will attract new live subscribers to your account.

How does it work?

Everyone who gives an interview shares an interview link, attracting visitors to the site, those visitors see other interviews and subscribe to accounts of people who have already gave interviews, so it’s a natural exchange of real subscribers.

What do I need for interview to be published?

It is necessary:

  • to have an open account in Instagram;
  • to have at least 10,000 Instagram followers;
  • to sign in to this site using one of the social media accounts;
  • to provide a link to your Instagram account in the profile/, specify a link to your Instagram account;/
  • provide portrait photo that has landscape orientation with high resolution, at least 1440px width for the cover of the article;
  • make a post in your Instagram profile with a link to the interview;
  • point the PumpingLife.ru account in a post.

Примеры фотографий для обложки:

You should be clearly visible in the photo and the image should be of acceptable quality — not too light and not too dark.

What will be published?

The submitted photo, the text of the interview, some photos from your instagram profile, your instagram profile link, the announcement of the interview in the PumpingLife.ru Instagram feed.

When the interview will be published?

Up to 1 month after it’s over.

How does it go?

The interview goes via any suitable messenger.

Will I be able to see the interview beforehand?

After the article is ready we give a special link so you can check your interview before it’s published.

I wanna give an interview, what should I do?

Fill in the form below in that case.

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*Компания Meta, которой принадлежат Facebook и Instagram, признана в России экстремистской организацией.